Youth Race Series – IH35 Showdown!

The purpose of this informal race series between NTK and HCKC is to promote youth karting in our region (hopefully other tracks soon). We have noticed a big decline in kid karts recently and expect that to affect other youth classes over the next few years.

The goal of
this series is to attract more kids into karting but also to provide the
current youth racers an opportunity to race different tracks and different
people.  So we are inviting all youth racers from OK and TX to
participate.  We realize that the dates chosen may conflict with some of
your race dates and our intention is not to take away from your entries. 
However, if you have racers you think might be interested in visiting NTK or
Hill Country on one of the scheduled days, we would welcome them.

It was also not
our intention to exclude any local tracks, it just happened that HCKC and NTK
were both pursuing a similar idea and decided to partner up.  If you are
interested, we hope to expand this informal series next year and possibly
partner with you guys at GCKI.  

Cost is $0 other than regular race entry fees. 4 race series, 1 drop allowed. Race dates are NTK – 6/18 and 7/23. HCKC is 9/10 and 11/12. Classes are Kid Karts, Tag Cadet 1, Tag Cadet 2, MicoMax, MiniMax, Lo206 Jr 1, Lo206 Jr 2 and Jr Super sportsman.

Racers can sign up here: or just show up on race day.


The above information has been provided by NTK.  HCKC is fully supportive of this idea and we encourage our members to go have fun and play, it is great to visit other tracks and the price point for this series is a great way to do so without the bigger budgets needed for SKUSA or other Series type events.

If you can go, please use the link provided.