Race Day Procedures

Once registration has been declared to be open, all drivers must register at the tower and proceed to tech before they can enter the track for open practice. At this point all pit crew, spectators, or family members who wish to remain in the pits must purchase a pit-pass from the tower. Currently pit-passes are $6.00 per person, minors will need to have a signed release form completed as well. You will receive a wrist band that must be worn at all times in the pits, this band signifies that your insurance fee (pit-pass) has been paid. Anyone not wearing a pit-pass armband will be politely asked to step outside the pit area, or directed to the tower for a pit-pass or more information.

Spectator seating outside the pit area is free, you will find three grandstands with great views of the track. The Snack Shack opens shortly before the races, serving a variety of options. During intermission spectators will be allowed into the pits for around 15-minutes; however, we ask that you return to the spectator areas once the racing resumes. Please listen to the PA announcements for more details.

Important – no consumption of alcoholic beverages in the pits prior to or during the events.

Online Registration

Save time…avoid the line…get more track time! – pre-register here and pay at the track, or pay online here.

By paying online, you will still need to check in with the tower once registration has opened, if you need a transponder you will pick it up during this time. Additionally, if you need pit-passes please see the second station inside the tower.

Race Fees

The price for HCKC members are as follows:

$25.00 per entry
$5.00 discount for each additional family entry
Plus $6.00 for each pit-pass needed


$50.00 per entry
$10.00 discount for each additional family entry
Plus $6.00 for each pit-pass needed


HCKC uses an AMB Scoring system – better known as MyLaps for practice times, qualifying, and heat results. You may monitor your practice times via the pit monitor near the grid, or with www.race-monitor.com apps on your smartphone.

Transponders may be rented once registration opens for $10.00, or a new one may be purchased at www.TexasKarts.com or www.MyLaps.com (used or for transponder repair check here.)

Owning your own transponder allows for a few more benefits, track all your laptimes at any track that runs the AMB system for example.


HCKC provides free electric hookups in the pits; however, these should not be used to operate any AC/Heater units. It is intended for tools, pit lighting, small air compressors, etc. Excessive loading will cause the breakers to trip and could cause interruptions to other pit spaces or even the tower systems.

Tech Procedures Update

Pre-Tech – All karts must pass pre-tech once registration has been opened, a driver will not be allowed on the track until they have a pit-pass armband and a tech sticker. Please take your kart to the tech area when you are ready for tech, if needed a list of tech items is available upon request or via the club website – click here.

Post-Tech – All spec classes are subject to post-race tech, please see your class tech coordinator for more information on the process for the day. Please have basic tools ready for tech, the tech official will not take your engine apart.

Derived from WKA Tech Manual

• Only the driver or one crew member shall be with the kart while it is being inspected by the tech inspector.
• There shall be no arguing with the tech inspector, doing so could result in a DQ for the event.
• Bystanders may watch tech, but must be outside the designated tech area and may not interfere.

Class Tech Coordinator – Most spec classes require a class tech coordinator to be identified to the Race Director prior to time trials. The class may not run until a tech coordinator has been identified, this individual will insure that karts are weighed, fuel teched, and post-race teched, as applicable for their class and that this information is provided to the Race Director. Please see the volunteer sign-up sheet near the grid prior to registration and in the Tower during registration.

Race Format

Controlled Practice – Two hours prior to time trials the pit board located by the track entry will be enforced, only the karts shown for the time slot will be allowed on the track for practice. Please see the directions located to the right of the pit board clock for more details.

At no time shall Kid Karts be on the track with any other class, please alert the race director or another race official if you see this happening.

Qualifying – All classes will be divided and run a 3 to 5 minute session used to determine the starting order of the first heat. Some classes like Shifter and Kid Karts will draw pills or the random order feature in the scoring system will be used to determine the first heat starting order.

Heat Racing

For all classes with three (3) entries or less, the following will be used.

Heat 1 = 8-laps
Heat 2 = 8-laps
Heat 3 = 10-laps

For all classes with four (4) or more entries, the following will be used.

Heat 1 = 10-laps
Heat 2 = 10-laps
Heat 3 = 10-laps

HCKC uses a moto-x style scoring system to determine the race points for each heat, and the overall finishing order for the day is the combined points of each heat. (Bracket Classes Only) All three heats make up the race, your points from each heat are combined to determine the overall order. (Spec and Shifter classes only) The final feature race is the final order. Shifters will start the Final heat based on the points from heats 1 and 2, and championship points will be based on the order of the Final.

Kid Karts are a non-competitive class, no points are awarded. All kids in this class receive a trophy, and can stand on the podium for awards and pictures.