About HCKC


HCKC Racer’s and Families,
We have several changes and events coming up over the next couple months. Please take a moment to read:

*Race Day September 23rd– We will be racing in reverse again to allow for the build-up of rubber on the track as well as give everyone more practice before Kartoberfest.

*Race Day October 7th– We are moving the October 14th race to October 7th to prevent back to back weekends of racing and to not overlap with Pro-kart.

*Race Day October 21st– We have moved our races from the October 28th to the 21st in order to not compete with the TSRS races.

*Kartoberfest is November 11th and 12th. This is a two-day event with racing in both directions. Day 1 will be racing clockwise and for day two, we will reverse the direction to counter clockwise.

*HCKC is pre-selling shirts online and at the track. These shirts are on a high quality, light weight performance cotton and will be available in Youth XL to XXL size for $20. All pre-order must be placed by October 24th and you will receive your orders on the morning of November 11th.

*We are also pre-selling Smokey Mo’s BBQ plates for our Saturday evening BBQ. Advance purchase plates are $8 online and must be purchased by November 3rd. They will be $10 if purchased at the track the day of the event.

*We are also collecting donations for the live Auction on Saturday the 11th. Karting parts, gift cards, baked goods, and hand-made gifts, all welcomed. If your business is interested in sponsor this event, please contact our PR Director, Trina Maxey, at admin_pr@hillcountrykartclub.com.

*End of the Year Awards- December 10th at the Landa Haus. A BBQ lunch will be provided by Smokey Mo’s BBQ, our official track sponsor. Tickets and details for this event will be announced soon.

HCKC Raceway is a club operated kart racing facility with over 26-years of racing action on our classic track. In 2013 the club embarked on a major expansion to the track surface that has double the length of the raceway, racing started on this new part in June. The track now offers up to a 10-turn layout, along with 8 and 6 turn options. While the track is concrete this still offers great grip for the sticky racing tires and leads to a welcome ease of wear. Speeds in some classes can reach over 70mph on the longest layouts, while still keeping the slow speed corners that have always given racers a great challenge.

The racing has been outstanding on the new expansion, with regular passes by the drivers being made in most corners. Due to the way the corners are designed you will see passing attempts made that end up allowing the driver that was just passed to grab the position back by the next corner.

Members of the club get daily access to the track year-round, no engines may be run prior to 9am. and we ask that everyone help keep the facility clean. We have three spectator seating areas, with two of them near the snack shack being completely free. The third set of bleachers near the Marsh hairpin does require the purchase of a $6.00 pit-pass armband, and this seat offers the best view of the track. Watch the karts brake going into the hairpin, and roar back up the hill!